Football is back in Denmark: The world's first virtual grandstand opens in Aarhus

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There will be no fans or audience, when football reopens in Denmark  in  late May - due to the Covid 19 virus the games will be played behind closed doors.   
But at the first game after more than two months without football in the country, the fans will still be able to take part in the game and enjoy the togetherness and  the community with the fellow fans -  even  though they are not allowed to come to the stadium. 
It sounds like utopia in these  Covid 19  times, but in Aarhus - where the local 3F Superliga-club AGF will play the first game after the lock down in the best tier against local rivals Randers FC  - AGF  is planning to  celebrate the reopening of Danish football with a world premiere on a new digital football experience  that brings the fans and  the community together like we have never seen before in football.   
The new digital initiative, which requires no less than 23 men to execute during the match, is being run in collaboration with the international digital video platform, Zoom.   

It will be a kind of virtual stadium to which you pick up a free ticket - and as the match begins, you gather with those who have a ticket to the same virtual grandstand section. And there are 22 different sections to choose from - just like a regular football stadium.  So, there will be room for both home  fans, neutral spectators and  away  fans - but only virtual.   
The  digital initiative will see  several screens  to be set up in the middle of the  home-stadium of AGF,  Ceres Park, - here the fans watching from their virtual grandstand section will be shown. So  also, the players of the match will be able to see and feel the support from the living rooms directly at  the stadium  - at a healthy distance, but still close  at heart  and to the football    

It will be the first tournament match in a long time. We are celebrating that with a historic digital initiative, and we are proud to be the first club in the world to  use  it. Now it seems that we have to do without spectators for a while, so maybe we can inspire a similar initiative at other clubs that can also benefit from it in the coming time, says Jacob Nielsen, CEO of AGF. 

Get your tickets to the virtual grandstands here >>>

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